Video Premiere: Samuel Alty – Revolution

Samuel Alty has unveiled the video for “Revolution“, taken from his latest album ‘Hammering Nails Into The Sky’.

“Filmed in Poland, this is the third video that we have made. When we were talking about the video for the song we had lots of different ideas, and we knew that we wanted it to be different than the first video we made, “Glory“.

Samuel Alty is singer-songwriter, guitarist from New Zealand, now living in Poland. His career has led him through many artistic situations including dancing in the Royal Opera House, physical theatrical performances in the Arctic Circle and being a musical rabbit in touring traditional circus.

Samuel Alty combines elements of folk, flamenco, Arabic, hip-hop and different musical traditions from places where he´s travelled to in the world. It´s music that aspires to celebrate and remember the wondrous miracle of being alive, which we all share and is independent of language, culture or religion.

2016 saw the release of his first EP ‘Heart Song’ and the attention that has brought, led him to record his first album ‘Hammering Nails Into The Sky’ which was released in early February 2017.

Hammering Nails Into The Sky is a carefully crafted tapestry of songs that offer an unusually rich mixture of musical styles ranging from folk, choral, pop, beatbox, finger style and African Djembe.

“Hammering Nails into the sky represents the true art of song-writing”
– Wroclaw Uncut

“fun, intriguing, intricate record that is probably unlike what you’re listening to right now”
– Independent Clauses

Samuel will soon embark on a tour in support of ‘Hammering Nails Into The Sky’,
reaching the UK in early August 2018

Details coming soon at

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