Album Review: The Gentle Good – Ruins / Adfeilion

bwr027-cover-smallThe Gentle Good is the multi-talented solo project from the hands of multi-instrumentalist sing songwriter Gareth Bonello. Taking the adaptability of his music to a level of art form Bonello has put his nose to the grindstone once again and produced his third studio album Ruins / Adfeilion.

Bonello is known far and wide for his distinctive vocals and soft, tender guitar medleys. His work is malleable and rich though, Ruins is versatile and evocative carrying itself across a range of sounds that flirt with the whimsical, the poignant, the jovial. It’s a sounds that constantly swells and adjusts in front of you, like it’s evolving as it tells its tales. One of the most alluring aspects of The Gentle Good is the ability of the music to make you feel totally at home whether it is a soft piano lullaby or a full string quartet backing him up. There is a warming feeling throughout his music that cannot help but warm your heart.

Bonello has a unique and gentle voice that is rich but carries within it a certain sweetness that makes it so suitable for his lullaby folk songs. He has constructed a careful collection of tunes that accompany his voice perfectly – often understated compared to his calm and collected music, he allows his voice to wash over you like pebbles in a stream. It’s incredibly pleasant to just sit back, listen and be swept downstream,. To add to his myriad of skills already exhibited, Bonello sings throughout the album in both English and in his native Welsh. For those of us who don’t speak Welsh it does add another enchanting element to his work as there seems as if there is something almost fairy tale about it.

The Gentle Good is a wonderful project from a uniquely talented man with an overarching passion for music and the dedication to bring his ideas to life. Ruins / Adfeilion is a charming and tender collection of songs that swirl around you in a beautiful haze. Not to be missed.


The Gentle Good’s live performance of ‘The Fisherman’. Taken from the album ‘Ruins / Adfeilion’.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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