Album Review: Vanessa Anne Redd – Zumbo Waxes

Vanessa Anne Redd is one of those astonishing individuals who seem to have more projects on the go than hours in the day and yet not only does she accomplish her goals but seems to do so effortlessly. Singer-songwriter, producer, film maker, record label owner and general idol, Redd has a veritable catalogue of skills from which she can draw at any given time and this year she has used those skills to produce her latest accomplishment, Zumbo Waxes.

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Album Review: Straw Bear – Fiction

Straw Bear have actually been around on the music scene for a while now but were gently simmering away just below the surface of the world stage. However, with the release of their latest triumph, Fiction, this is all about to change. Mellow, eclectic and thoroughly eccentric; Fiction is a charming collection of songs that reel off like a modern-day fairy tale and drag you into a whimsical world that could be straight out of The Brothers Grimm.

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