EP Review: Cut Throat Francis – This Garden’s Never Gonna Grow

Cut Throat Francis are a Bristol-based gypsy folk band who describe themselves as a ‘Balkan swing band…kind of’ and honestly that’s about as close as you can get to putting a definition into words for what they do. The reality is that the group have created a sound that borders on blissfully indescribable and this year saw the release of their latest EP This Garden’s Never Gonna Grow.

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Album Review: Gogol Bordello – Seekers and Finders

Gogol Bordello have always described themselves as being gypsy punk and nothing could describe them better. Having formed 18 years ago in the lower East side of Manhattan the band have become widely known for their raucous and playful music, theatrical stage shows, their constant touring and several film performances and scores. Despite their ceaseless touring it has actually been four years since their last release and fans have been clamouring the world over for their next endeavour.

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