Album Review: Funke and the Two Tone Baby – Denizen

Funke and the Two Tone Baby is the musical mind child of one Dan Turnbull, a man for whom the term ‘energetic’ would be a grave insult and a woeful misjustice. Turnbull has the kind of raw and violent energy that comes from the collision of tectonic plates and within his new album Denizen he tames this wild energy and whips it into a frenzied whirlpool of sound that has become his greatest work to date.

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You Are Wolf shares video for new single “As Sylvie Was Walking” taken from the new album “KELD” released March 23

You Are Wolf is the alt-folk project of award-winning composer and vocalist Kerry Andrew. Releasing her second album KELD in March, the album includes traditional songs about waterfall banshees, killer female water sprites, drowning boys and powerful witches. Original songs are inspired by wild swimming, vengeful rivers, nymphs and naiads, and even an Anglo-Saxon charm.

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