Single Review: Michael J Tinker – Shanandoah (feat. Damien O’Kane)

This single is Michael J Tinker interpretation of the classic song Shenandoah and he has certainly does justice to this classic number. Michael has a smokey soft melodic voice with a wide vocal range that carries the high haunting notes effectively throughout this track. You can hear a hint of an American accent which all seems to add to the authenticity of this track.

Accompanied by simple light touch guitar backing this slow reflective rendition conjures up an image of a flat calm, gently flowing river maybe with a little mist floating on the surface and someone’s yearning to be back where they belong. There is something about Michael’s voice that makes you sit up and listen, it draws you in and holds your attention it’s sincere, expressive and authentic. This is a track you can listen to again and again without getting tired of it, if this is representative of the rest of the album it will provide hours of great listening certainly, I can’t wait to hear what else it has to offer.

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Review by Andy Weller

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