Single Review: Hannah Scott – Weight of Your Words

It’s far from a secret that here at Artree we happen to be rather big fans of Hannah Scott which is why we are always incredibly excited whenever something new emerges from her and finds its way into our eager hands.

Scott has recently released her latest track, Weight of Your Words and it is everything we could have hoped and more. Scott still has one of the most tender and touching voices on the music scene today and as these are employed once again in the richly harmonious Weight of Your Words you are reminded just how much passion and emotion that Scott is able to draw with her words. What is always refreshing about her work is the fact that she never quite settles and is always looking to experiment that one step further, to push the envelope once again and find a new home for her work. Having relinquished her earnest guitar for this track she instead surrounds herself with a series of earnest drum beats and uplifting keyboards and synthesizers, all of which are overlaid by loops of her soothing vocal backing.

Scott has always been a singer-songwriter of astounding talent and her latest single is yet another masterpiece to had to her catalogue as she pushes her boundaries once again, blurring the lines between acoustic, folk and pop music to create this unique and emotional track.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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