Album Review: Paul Liddell – The Mean Seeds of Yield

paul-liddell-albumPaul Liddell sits somewhere between a musical machine and a man who was blessed with the Midas touch. As a working musician his hours on the road seem to far outnumber his hours sleeping and yet he stills finds the time to put out incredible albums at a rate of knots. This year sees the release of his latest offering, The Mean Seeds of Yield.

Funded by another Kickstarter campaing which exceeded its target within just a few days, Liddell has been able to produce another fantastic album with the help of his ever growing fanbase. He’s a bit of a firm favourite here at Artree because in all the years he’s been gracing stages we are yet to encounter a single song that wasn’t superb. An immensely talented multi-instrumentalist, Liddell has composed another stunning collection of songs that range from the tightly composed and deft acoustic melodies that we’ve come to expect as well as some jaunty, brooding folk-rock tunes that punctuate the album like Heartbeat.

Liddell is careful with his lyrics, always speaking what’s on his mind and as you can expect the album is a carefully collected set of examples of some of the things we do wrong as a society. Many people take their opinions and woes to the microphone but there is something far more refreshing about the delivery that Liddell brings to the mix. He sings in a way that really makes you want to listen to the words between the lines. His soft, Northern lilt may be in part of this because even if he were to try to avoid it, his voice is warm, friendly and familiar. He has a depth of kindness in his voice and this is easily echoed in his lyrics.

His passionate voice is of course topped off with his astounding utilisation of instruments. He is as at home playing with just his guitar as he is backed up by a large band. Somehow the number of instruments accompanying him is never anything to faze him or his talents as no matter what guise his songs take there is always something about them that is steeped in grandeur. They are big, bold songs with a weighty point behind them and he’s not afraid to drive that point home. The Mean Seeds of Yield contains some of the most raw and powerfully tenacious tunes that Liddell has composed to date as well as some of the most hauntingly beautiful tunes.

Liddell really does have the uncanny ability to turn his every project into gold. Rife with uplifting, emboldening songs and tuneful, melodic medleys The Mean Seeds of Yield is a charming and evocative album that will stay with you. If you’re already a fan then it’s not to be missed and if you’re not yet a fan then this is the perfect place to start.

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Review by Joe Knipe