Nashville-based Americana troubadour Rod Picott announces October UK tour dates

Renowned Nashville-based troubadour Rod Picott announces October UK tour dates in support of his acclaimed new album Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil

Touring UK October 3-17

Many of the songs on Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil were prompted by a health scare that rattled Rod Picott through the winter of 2018/2019. It took several weeks to chase down the devil causing the heart issue during which Picott also underwent back surgery (five blood pressure checks until they gave up and said “I guess we’ll just do it anyway…”). In the end, this week’s long event of a freight train banging away in his chest informed Picott’s new album profoundly in both the writing and the recording. Alone with his modest recording gear, Picott set about making an album as honest, raw and uncontrived as his spine would allow. The new album is completely acoustic, featuring only guitar, harmonica and Picott’s weathered vocals. Already known for the intimacy and vivid narratives of his previous work, Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil opens the door wider still. Picott’s health is now in check.

The question recording artists always ask themselves is “What record do I want to make?” There are endless ways to make a great album. Robert Johnson recorded the most influential blues recordings ever made, in a hotel room in Texas. Bruce Springsteen laboured over a single song – Born To Run for nine agonizing months. But what happened to Rod Picott this past winter made something very clear this time around. He wanted to make an album that was completely stripped of anything other than the songs. He wasn’t looking for perfect takes. He was looking for the right takes. Picott was hunting magic and wanted to tell the truth of who he is as a songwriter and human being walking this rock. The album starts and ends with a few seconds of nature to let you know this album is different. Picott recorded all the tracks alone, at home, with no engineer then turned them over to Neilson Hubbard to mix. This is the most personal group of songs Rod Picott has released and in some ways it is a memoir in song. It’s also by far the most intimate recording he’s made. It’s all in the title – Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil. He did just that. The truth is in every string squeak, false start, missed chord and in the writing as well. The devil is gone…for now.

The opening song, ‘Ghost’ reveals Picott’s inner voice announcing itself with introspection, openness and poetic revelation, while ‘Mama’s Boy’ was written with Picott’s long-time co-writing partner Slaid Cleaves. The song asks questions of masculinity and self identification in a world that can be so often cruel and limited. Picott’s own working class childhood is explored nakedly.

Now in his fifties, Rod Picott has garnered a cult audience across the U.S. and Europe. He tours tirelessly and continues to garner rave reviews for both his songwriting skills and darkly humorous, compelling live show. A prolific writer, Picott has recently turned his hand to poetry (God In His SlippersMurmuration – Mezcalita Press) short fiction (Out Past The Wires – Working Title Farm) and has a novel in the works titled A Bony Right Fist. Born in the small mill town of South Berwick, Maine and residing in Nashville, TN since 1994, Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil is the latest release from former construction worker Rod Picott.


Thu 3


The Admiral, Glasgow Americana 2019

Fri 4


Montrose Folk Club, The Links Hotel

Sat 5


St Georges Hall

Sun 6


The Running Horse

Mon 7

Davenhamnr. Northwich

Davenham Players Theatre

Tue 8


The Greystones

Thu 10

Newcastle upon Tyne

The Live Theatre Studio

Fri 11

Great EastonLeicestershire

Private House Concert

Sat 12


The Royal Oak

Mon 14


The Greys

Tue 15


The Hen & Chicken

Wed 16


What’s Cookin’ @ Leytonstone Ex-Servicemens Club

Thu 17

High Wycombe

Kingsmead House Concert

More praise for Rod Picott

“Great writing is all about story, and Rod is so damn good at story.” Mary Gauthier

Picott weaves the gritty details of life into introspective, carefully crafted and vibrant story-songs.” American Songwriter

Ignore him at your peril.” Americana-UK

“Rod Picott maps the cratered terrain around a broken heart with the determination of Lewis and Clark and the craggy poetic sensitivity of Leonard Cohen.” Cincinnati CityBeat

“Rod Picott is an artist for our times.” Country Music magazine

“…poetic directness…distinctive…bittersweet…searingly confessional” Country Music People

“Picott’s quality is unmistakable” Daily Mirror

“During the past 15 years, Rod Picott has written such strikingly efficient lyrics that his songs seem like Raymond Carver’s short stories, if Carver had used three guitar chords.” Houston Chronicle

“Picott’s vivid honesty and insight remain utterly compelling.” The Irish Times

“…a master songwriting craftsman.” Maverick

“…reflective and personal, moving and beautiful” Mojo

“Rod Picott is a seriously gifted lyricist – a writer of words and phrases that resonate and lead to reflection.” No Depression

“…raw and uncompromisingly direct” Q

“Picott paints wry lyrical pictures; vivid, authentic stories of introspection, real life and intimacy.” R2


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