Introducing: Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson is a relative newcomer to the folk circuit although listening to his debut EP The Last Days of June you would be hard pushed to believe it. With such an eloquent and finely honed release it’s hard to believe this is his first time bringing an EP to life.

With just three tracks on it, The Last Days of June only runs just shy of 11 minutes in total but what Johnson is able to pack into those 11 minutes is monumental. In just these three songs, Johnson is rapidly able to display his considerable skill set, bringing soft and gentle songs to life and then tying them up with an enlivening and invigorating burst of uplifting energy. These songs aren’t simply a mark of the talent that he already has but a distinctive starting point for all of the talent that he is clearly going to amass with each and every song.

With a smooth voice that is deep and resonant – sounding almost decades beyond his years his vocal style isn’t too dissimilar to the likes of Luke Jackson at times. He mixes his tracks perfectly to allow for flourishes of music that are wonderful and uplifting but never overshadow his incredible voice. This allows you to appreciate every aspect of his music completely and lets the power in his voice help lift you up. Combine this with his touching and identifiable lyrics and you’ve got a set of songs that boost you when you’re low. Songs such as Bones which remind you that there is nobody who can move forward without accepting the past can strike a chord in any man.

Zach Johnson might still be fairly new to the folk scene but that’s not the impression you get from his well mastered EP and his lively and moving performances. Warming, soothing and uplifting, Johnson makes music that can help you get through the worst of days.

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Review by Joe Knipe