Introducing: William Curry

William Curry has been steadily making a name for himself on the folk circuit over the last few years, either as a wandering solo artist or as part of a larger band. His recent relocation from his home in Cornwall to the Berkshire area has brought him into the spotlight of dozens of new venues and brought him new faces to impress with his music.

Curry has a powerful voice that practically crackles with the power it contains within. It’s a deep and resonant voice that is smoky and warm; a voice that is aged far, far beyond Curry’s tender years. With a voice like a good whisky, Curry takes to the stage and applies his smooth voice to a series of tuneful acoustic melodies. Seemingly taking inspiration from the starting days of Bob Dylan in his work, Curry wanders the land working primarily as a ‘one man and his guitar’ sort of act.

There is a definitive reward in investing your time and money into his debut solo album Simple brains, Common Men which affords him the chance to display his versatility outside of the teder acoustic tunes he plucks on his solo performances. The opening song for the album is a rip-roaring and raucous tune that bursts to life with banjos, harmonicas and devious drum beats galore in a hailstorm of music, showing off what he has the capability of doing with a band behind him.

But as wonderful as Curry is performing with a band backing him up, there is a definite and wonderful charm in catching one of his solo performances. His shows seem caring, soulful and almost intimate in how he shares his work with the audience. With such a deep and resounding voice and a talent for creating tuneful and catchy melodies we’re sure that his debut album won’t be his last.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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