Introducing: The FB Pocket Orchestra

We first discovered The FB Pocket Orchestra playing in a quaint country pub called The White Buck out in the New Forest. Their myriad of instruments were packed as tightly as can be into the corner so that they could play to the packed out room and beyond as their warm and joyous music echoed out into the summer air of the pub garden. Needless to say but that evening we saw one of the most lively and atmospheric bands that we have had the pleasure of seeing on stage.

Warm, friendly and raucously decadent, The FB Pocket Orchestra are just about the perfect band to sit and enjoy a few choice drinks with. With their lightening ragtime music they are a glorious time-travelling nod to the good old days of smooth jazz and sultry blues. Their style of music is so richly atmospheric that it whips you back through time, transplanting you to a swanky New York bar in the mid 1920s.

This evocative nature is brought to life with a flourish by their bustling piano melodies while raucous brass blares around it. Deep bass lines pound the air while dextrous guitars and banjos are plucked to life all around you while a clarinet flutters through the air on quiet wings. This rich combination of sounds makes for a unique and satisfying collection of jazz numbers far more heady than the whisky sour you’ll be drinking while you listen.

The epic music the band produces – which consistently sounds as if it were being produced by a band at least twice the size – is bolstered and uplifted even further by the beautiful, honey sweetened voice of Jenny Russell. Her voice is one of the primary reasons the band sound so amazingly trapped outside of their time; it is perfectly suited to this style to jazz and blues – rich, smooth and somehow carrying a trace of mischief within it, her vocals astound and amaze with her every note.

The FB Pocket Orchestra are without a doubt one of the best jazz bands working the circuit today and having been applying their trade since they formed back in 2012 they have had years to turn themselves into the well oiled music machine that they now are. So it’s time to grab a drink, don your dancing shoes and get yourselves ready for a 1920s style night on the town.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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