Introducing: Steam Powered Giraffe

Bands like Steam Powered Giraffe are few and far between – they are about as frequent as eclipses and much like an eclipse, when they arrive you can’t help but stop and stare. They are one of the most unusual and astounding acts on the music circuit today.

Before you go away and listen to the band (and you really do need to), we really need to put them in perspective. They are lead by a trio of steampunk robots. That in itself should be more than enough to pique your interest. Dressed to the nines at all times, the trio are regularly joined by a ragtag crew of other robots who bolster their numbers and give them a truly incredible stage presence. Their costumes and makeup are Hollywood perfect and as far as seeing them live goes, they are utterly mesmeric. Never breaking character, they saunter about the stage with harsh, jagged robotic movements they make for one of the best live acts around.

Steam Powered Giraffe have a strange amalgamation of music that knows no boundaries. Totally unafraid of experimenting with their music, their lyrics, their appearances, the band are bold and brash, creating a series of songs that utilise everything they have at their disposal and more. Double bass, brass, guitars, xylophones, synthesizers, fiddles, accordions. You name it, they have it. They have carved themselves a peculiar new niche that somehow blends folk-rock, dance, pop, jazz and vaudeville.

As the band have been steadily producing music since their formation in 2008 they already have 6 studio albums to their name as well as two live albums and a host of singles. Each and every album is a unique and whimsical journey into the lives and minds of these eccentric steam powered robots and they literally open up a whole new universe to their listeners. One of their latest albums The Vice Quadrant is their first and hopefully not last foray into a concept album and is actually a rock opera that takes place hurtling through the galaxy and encountering many strange and beautiful friends and foes.

It might sounds strange on paper, but so much these days does and Steam powered Giraffe are one of the most musically talented and entertaining acts in recent history. Their music is charming and whimsical. They have a set of the perfectly matched, harmonious and melodic vocals that meld together in total perfection. They are a band who are willing to push their boundaries and experiment in order to broaden both their and their listeners horizons.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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