Introducing: Sam and the Black Seas

Over the last couple of years the name Sam and the Black Seas has been steadily on the rise throughout music circles across the lands. While they have been steadily producing music for some time, the beginning of 2017 saw the release of their debut feature album Silver which has propelled them to dizzying new heights.

Silver is a mesmeric and quite frankly transfixing album that exemplifies how music should be coming from alternative indie folk bands. With their optimistic and rock tinged songs Sam and the Black Seas have a sheer power of will and determination that empowers their music and their passion is both contagious and insatiably consuming. With the unique and graceful vocals of Samuele Rampani that ring out with an earnest rasp and a subtle but indefinable lilt to them the band bring themselves to life and build around his friendly and charming voice.

Sam and the Black Seas music is elevated by the stunning series of melodies that the band bring to life with a series of increasingly chaotic and transient sounds that leave you desperately wanting more. Songs such as The Day That Will Last Forever are loud and brash, fuelled by powerful chords and deep, resonant brass and driving drum beats. But as powerful as these songs are the band are ready to scale it back at the drop of a hat and bring more poignant and understated songs such as Something Went Wrong where their tender tunes simmer away beneath the surface while Rampani’s voice bubbles away. However, when Sam and the Black Seas opt to bring their music to life they do so with all the speed and ferocity of a forest fire. Guitars and pianos clash with vibrant violins and harshly bowed cellos in a stunning composition that you cannot help but be moved by.

Sam and the Black Seas are a truly stunning band with a powerful and enviable drive. Their imagination fuelled, mesmerising songs flow like the sea itself creating a rich and heady combination of sounds and styles that are all carefully and expertly merged together to create a collection of songs that will take your breath away.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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