Introducing: Robin Sangster

Robin SangsterIt’s highly likely that you might have already heard Robin Sangsters unique vocal talents before, either playing alongside one of his many musical comrades or perhaps as a quarter of the bluegrass band Affa David. However, he is a marvellous solo musician in his own right and if you haven’t heard him performing as such so far then it’s high time you did.

Sangster is a very talented young musician who has been working hard for years in the country-rock genre and is clearly dedicated to his art. His music is filled with his wistful, eager and honest acoustic guitar and his striking vocals which create a series of inimitable songs that are so audibly stamped as his own. February 2015 saw him release two feature albums, Made for Country and Waiting in the Tall Grass on Bandcamp, both of which exemplify his talents perfectly in different ways. Made for Country adopts and almost understated musical function where Sangster entwines himself so deeply with his accompanying music that the music and vocals are rendered inseparable.

Waiting in the Tall Grass allows Sangster the same chance of exemplifying his talents but it is slightly more given over to the music and echoes more of folk than country. Songs such as This House Part 1 is filled with a tender flute tune that compliments his work astoundingly. The album is slightly more grandiose than Made for Country and is much more content to deviate from the genre and experiment with other sounds. Both albums are sheer works of art in their own right however and both are of course filled with his appealingly distinctive and enigmatic vocals. High, smoked tones flitter through his songs giving them a distinctively Americana feeling that is the perfect addition to his exceptional brand of music.

Robin Sangster is a phenomenally talented young musician with a lot of dedication to his name. Even without his role in various musical projects he already has three feature albums to his name, each one as amazing as its predecessor. He is able to form a rich collection of country-blues tunes and apply his astounding vocal talents to form a series of tender, rousing and affecting songs. Doubtless the next few years will see him continuing to progress from strength to strength.

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