Introducing: Mountainface

a0289890310_10Mountainface are a contemporary folk trio who hail from the picturesque land of Chester and they are taking the time and the effort to spread their own brand of sunshine mellow folk music across the land far and wide.

Let’s Play is the debut four-track EP released by the band and aside from being a wonderful musical treat in its own right, it’s also a indicator of things to come that rings out clearer than any bell. The opening is an exemplary nine minute medley/song called Let’s Play/Morning Greeting which is a beautifully composed medley that gently gives way to a soft and tender voice that is brimming with passion and much like Ronseal – it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a playful, jovial tune that flutters around you and leaves you warm and contented. It’s exactly the kind of music that anyone would like to wake up and hear their own morning greeting.

Mountainface have a charmingly understated nature to their music, not relying too heavily on drums or bass but instead opting to focus primarily on the gentle lullabies of the guitar and combine them with the deft and powerful pickings of the mandolin. It could be a throwback to their name but there really does seem to be to something of the outdoors kept within their music. If you close your eyes while you listen to a song like I Want you to Smile, you could easily awaken laying in a woodland clearing, staring up the stars on a clear Summers night.

Charming and melodic, lovingly understated and carefully crafted, Mountainface are a talented trio with a wealth of promise to their name. Keep your eyes and more importantly your ears peeled for them.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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