Introducing: Matt Track

matt-trackIt has actually been about three years since Matt Track last released an album but since we have actually only recently discovered his music we are left to optimistically hope that Track comes back to the musical world with a new offering some time soon.

With four seasonal EPs and one full debut album Track has really put the effort in and hopefully this three year absence is nothing more than him writing his next masterpiece. His music is raucous, rocky and uplifting whilst it sits itself on top of a very blurred line between folk-rock and indie-rock. It is a jubilant blend of dancing drumbeats and deftly plucked, stylish guitar medleys. He blends his raw acoustic guitar with sparse electric guitar, deep basslines and the careful fluttering of a violin. It creates something that is a constant joy to listen to.

Complimenting his warm and bouncy music is his unique and wonderful voice. It sits atop as blurred a line as his musical genre, placing itself somewhere between soft and raspy, reserved and loud. It is a strong, passionate and versatile voice that suits his music perfectly. This versatility works so well with his decision back in 2011 to release his EPs by the season. He was able to readily adapt himself and grow from the jubilance of Spring into the quiet of Autumn and sombreness of Winter.

Track is a versatile bundle of joyous energy who has created a set of riveting, toe-tapping tunes that we absolutely love. He writes about what he sees in life and he makes it sound fun in the process. Fingers crossed we hear more from Track soon.

Review by Joe Knipe

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