Introducing: Marienne Kreitlow

marienne kreitlow - Like Noahs DoveMariénne Kreitlow is an artist of an increasingly varied nature having worked as a playwright, performer, poet, composer and most importantly a songwriter. Over the years she has released nine original albums but 2014 saw her venture into new territory of creating her own adaptations of various traditional works and poems to create her newest album Like Noah’s Dove.

This album was born of a long-growing passion for both folk tales and folk music which Kreitlow has nurtured since childhood. Loving the tales abilities to evoke a sense of another voice within you, to transport you to another time and place was a driving force when she first began to learn these chords long ago. Like Noah’s Dove has a carefully selected collection of traditional songs such as The Dink’s Song and Motherless Child that are interspersed with poetic adaptations such as the opening song for the album, Eugene Field’s famous poem Wynken, Blynken and Nod which is performed in a haunting but touching rendition and set against a tender fiddle tune.

Backed up in places by the glorious harmonies of a local gospel choir, Kreitlow adds a fullness to her biblical tales such as Little Moses which helps to raise the religious nature in some of her works. Like listening to prayer in songs. The music she employs is as varied as her previous works; a compilation of simple but kindly sounds that at some points echo of the most traditional of folk music, at others has tints of blues and jazz within in and songs such as Little Moses somehow manage to carry a strange, almost ancient aristocratic feeling in them. Her music is so eclectic that it’s often beguiling, even enthralling. Topping off her musical prowess is her tender and soft vocals which echo like church bells, clear and pure but filled with a tender passion and emotion.

Kreitlow has been working hard for a number of years to create a world of artistry around her and has given much to the art world. With such an adept hand she has poured herself into everything that she has done and now she created this homage to the music and poems that inspired her growing up. A charming album with a tender, heart-warming glow.

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Joe Knipe

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