Introducing: Magic Hour

Magic Hour is a term in photography which is used to describe the hour as the sun rises and the sun sets. The sun hits the horizon and emits a hazy light which makes the world appear golden and dreamlike. This is the time that photographers live and stay up late for. Magic Hour, acoustic singer and songwriter Ross King, gives this hour a musical definition and creates a soundtrack for the moment.

The Chichester- based singer describes his music as ‘warm acoustic tones, twist & turn chord progressions and a hazy shade of autumnal melancholia’. This teamed with his somewhat haunting and echoing vocals creates a hypnotic sound. This can be heard as soon as the play button is pressed; the listener is transported into a trance to whatever land King creates with his melodies. This can be heard in ‘All Rivers Flow to the Ocean’, where the chords flow and create a certain softness that can be compared to a wave in the ocean or sitting on the beach. ‘Wintering’ sounds like heavy snow falling on to the ground outside. Whatever the song, King allows you to lose yourself in his music.

Glass Sky is the title of his debut EP and is worth investing in. Every song brings a new level to the artist and his song writing ability. Magic Hour could easily be listened to on a cool Saturday night when you want to relax and just listen to music. The artist wants you to feel something when you listen so just focus on his guitar, his voice and forget the world you live in.

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Review by Sophie Russell

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