Introducing: Ma Polaine’s Great Decline

Ma Polaine’s Great Decline have been mesmerising audiences across the land with their unique blend of understated alt-jazz-blues-folk for a few years now and with three EPs and a feature album to their name it’s time you became familiar with them.

Before we can even begin to think about the music that this London-based duo are able to make, we must first focus on the truly miraculous, mirthful vocals of lead singer Beth Packer. The bands alternate take on music is bolstered and blessed by Packer’s divine vocals; Deep, smooth, sultry and powerful. Her voice rings out around you, brimming with a tender passion and kindness unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Adaptive and fluid, her voice slips through each and every song, bursting with life and love. It fills their music with subtle changes as she tailors it to suit her each and every song. Songs such as Been Loved Too Much are filled with short, warm vocals that tingle in your ears while songs such as Japanese Knotweed carry a more elongated, jazzy set of vocals that redefine their sound.

This tidal wave of talent is backed up by a rich and wondrous collection of music styles from across the globe. Melding together with Packer’s vocals are soaring jazz saxophones, the deep and jubilant strumming of a double bass and the demanding beat of the drums. Harmonicas, trombones and accordions flit in and out of earshot giving their music a wonderfully fresh feeling that sits itself comfortably somewhere between jazz and blues. It’s a sort of 1920s speakeasy cabaret performance with an indelible charm to it. Their music has the capacity to charm you with stunning lullaby songs such as No Words We Need but at the flick of a switch they can triple their pace and make you move. Songs like The Devil’s Frying Pan are incredible, foot stomping songs that bring their every skill to life and let them wash over you.

Vibrant and exhilarating, Ma Polaine’s Great Decline are a duo that are capable of breathing fresh life into a stunning amalgamation of genres that leave your senses tingling. With a sound that is playful, tender and indescribably beautiful this is a dup who are capable of moving you both body and soul.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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