Introducing: Lake Folks

Despite the plural notion of their name, Lake Folks is actually just one incredible talent Lake Folk all on his own. Charming and charismatic singer-songwriter Martin Costaz lays his heart, soul and mind bare with his work and since his emergence into the folk scene a couple of years ago, this work has reached further and further afield and garnered new fans around the globe.

Hailing from Aix-les-Bains in France, Costaz has a rich musical heritage to draw from and this is something that can occasionally be heard in his work as subtle nuances hidden deep within his work. Costaz has a refreshing and invigorating sound that flows through his work as easily as his soft and subtle French lilt and he has recently brought it all to life with his latest EP Someone Else’s Dreams. Lead by his recently released single Astronaut, a jovial and dancing song filled with upbeat guitar riffs and powerful harmonica tunes. It is a perfect blend of everything that Lake Folks seems to stand for musically. There is a glorious and almost golden nature to the music Costaz produces that stems from the soft and relaxed manner in which he plays his acoustic guitar and goes on to grow with him as his music swells and sways and his words slip in and out of focus. It is a quick collection of songs that can both enrapture and invigorate you.

Someone Else’s Dreams is a beautiful and animated introduction to the work that Costaz produces as Lake Folks. More adept than you can imagine at crafting worlds together with his music, he puts his considerable skills to good use and has created an all-too-brief EP that sounds simultaneously as effortless and natural as the act of breathing and also as complex as the organs behind said breath. His songs have a real passion and depth to them that belies his young age and they tug on your heart strings as they sweep around you. His tender and softly melancholic voice is a perfect accompaniment to his charming and uplifting melodies, each bouncing magnificently off of the other to create an almost lullaby effect as his music washes over you and leaves you with a feeling of complete tranquillity.

Lake Folk’s music is charmed and endearing, rife with music that flows with all the warmth of the sun and is lead by a true and earnest voice. It is the product of a truly committed young man who can stitch together melodies and tales in a unique and evocative storytelling fashion.

Review by Joe Knipe

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