Introducing: Kingsley Cricket

Kingsley Cricket is a young up-and-coming Canadian artist who has been making a slow and steady name for himself over years of playing across Canada. After wearing out his tyres and his shows, Cricket finally chose to settle down in Victoria, British Columbia and call it home.

Cricket has a simple, almost inconspicuous style that really allows you to focus your attention on each element of his music on an almost minute scale. His tracks tend to play out less like songs than they do a form of tender poetry that just happens to be set to a tune. Songs such as The Kettle are fuelled by a deft and inspired tune that is plucked away carefully in the background but the emphasis it gives rise to sits squarely on the phenomenal and powerful vocals of Crickets counterpart. On the EP Deer Heart, Cricket actually only sings two of his four songs, opting instead to allow another vocalist to stitch together his rich tapestry of lyrics. His accompanying music is catchy, tuneful and a tenderly quiet accompaniment to the words that many others leave unsaid, which makes his work all that more identifiable and warming to hear.

With just two releases to his name to date, Cricket has been taking fairly lengthy breaks between his work and as eager as you might find yourself for a new release, you can only be grateful for these breaks as it is clear that the time has been spent so wisely. His music is perfectly polished, his collaborators are carefully chosen and his songs are superb. It is precisely the fact that he has taken this time between his musical ventures that has allowed him to create a stunning set of songs.

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Review by Joe Knipe