Introducing: Josh Woodward

When it comes to music, Josh Woodward is basically the textbook definition of ‘do it yourself’ and alongside being an incredibly talented musician, singer and songwriter, he is also the herald of one of the most unusual tactics employed in the music industry.

With more than 200 tracks to his name to date Woodward is a hugely proficient and productive musician who works tirelessly to provide songs and scores across a multitude of platforms but what makes all this so different from his peers is that when you want to pick up a copy of one of his albums he doesn’t charge you a penny. His website is a treasure trove of content; songs, albums, instrumental renditions, lyrics, music sheets, videos and more – and all of it is there for the world to take free of charge. This might sound like a strange way to make a living but it’s clearly working in Woodward’s favour as his name is known across the globe and he has had more than 6.5 million downloads from his site to date.

Woodward seems to have a special way with music that seems as natural as the grass growing. Just as a river bends, so too does the music emanating from Woodward’s dextrous and meticulous fingers. He has a wonderful aptitude for creating upbeat and jovial songs that will make you laugh and smile with all the innocence of a child and yet a fraction of a moment later he can produce something that is darker, more ominous and somewhat macabre in humour. You must take into account the fact that this is a man who can bring a tear to your eye one moment with a tender lullaby of a song but then follow it up with a song composed entirely about baba ganoush which is frankly eerily catchy and you’ll most likely find yourself singing it under your breath in a store several days later.

Woodward is a musician with a wealth of talent at his disposal and he never leaves himself beholden to the whims or idiosyncrasies of anyone else which is precisely what gives us his lively and sentimental songs. When you listen to his perfectly crafted songs you have to remember that every drum beat, guitar string, piano key and xylophone tinkling is produced by Woodward himself. His music traverses a blurred world of genres such as folk, rock, pop, indie, country and so much more. This transformational blend of music see’s Woodward bend his hand to a monstrous selection of instruments and then to top this off, each track has been recorded, mastered and produced by none other than Woodward once again. He’s the archetype of a one-man band and he has produced music over the last few years that some bands haven’t achieved in a lifetime.

His voice is soft, evocative and wildly adaptive. Predominantly opting for a soft and friendly tone throughout his work you can’t help but be drawn in but Woodward regularly slips into what almost feels like another persona – his voice drops to the opposite end of the spectrum and brings ghostly tales and macabre stories to life. This versatility spreads his influence further as he dips his feet into new genres all the time, never afraid to explore the unknown. His voice is always a perfect match for his finely crafted songs and no matter which of his albums you choose he brings you the kind of music you’ll want to sit and listen to in the spring, beer in hand as you watch the sun disappear.

Josh Woodward is a man with more talent than anyone could garner from any deal at the crossroads and he’s not afraid to use that talent to create something beautiful. His music is strong, meaningful and evocative. His songs range from silly to serious and allow you to experience life and love alongside witches and goblins. With a song that is suited to just about every mood and when all of them are free at your fingertips you can’t help but marvel at the generosity of it all.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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