Introducing: Hajk

Hailing from Oslo in Norway, Hajk formed only a short time ago from a variety of previous music projects but despite their being relatively new on the scene they have emerged to critical acclaim as they present themselves to the world as a tightly banded unit who sound as though they have played together for a lifetime.

Whilst their first release was back in 2016 it was actually just a year later that they were able to release their debut self-titled album to the world. What sets Hajk apart from their peers is the heady fusion of sounds that they generate. The bands primary emphasis is clearly on strong and powerful melodies and in order to create these with style they adapt a variety of genres and styles. These create a series of increasingly beautiful and uplifting songs that leave you hungry for more. What is especially refreshing within their music is the fact that there is almost never an identifiable source of the genre – there is definitely an element of folk within their work but this is wrapped in layers of pop, rock, electronica and even jazz. Traces of the likes of Daft Punk can be heard in one song while a moment later they sound more akin to Mother Mother. They create a versatile songscape that is a stunning, otherworldly look into their minds.

The band employ a wealth of sounds to create their phenomenal collection of songs and they make it clear that they are never afraid to experiment with their music. Infusing their songs with a beautifully textured layer of keyboards throughout they give their music a light and uplifting feel while they bring a hurricane of colour to life around it complete with a collection of deft guitar melodies and deep and resonant bass lines. The stunning variety of sounds within their work means that there is always something new to listen out for but without their songs ever becoming too busy. Leading their uplifting melodies are the affable and impassioned vocals they employ which cycle through lead singers throughout their work to find the most harmonious fit each time.

For a newly formed band who have formed from a variety of musical influences it’s frankly phenomenal for them to have emerged in such a form. Their music is perfectly honed and they play together with a familiarity that years cannot imbue into other bands. This has allowed them to combine their wealth of passion and talent to create some of the most tenacious music around today.


Review by Joe Knipe

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