Introducing: Forty Elephant Gang

Forty Elephant GangContrary to the indications of their name, Forty Elephant Gang are sadly not 40 instrument-wielding proboscines but they are however a wonderfully talented four-piece band capable of producing roaring, rousing, massively addictive tunes.

Having formed in 2011 the band have spent the last few years travelling up and down the country telling their tales and honing their skills until they managed to become the well-oiled music machine that we see before us today. The end of 2014 saw the band release their first EP with their new music label; Slow Down the Days is a jubilant four-track EP that brings their natural talents to life with a magnificent flourish.

Combining the eclectic musical combination of combining a guitar, a bass, a mandolin and a banjo they are able to join together to create a sound that is irresistibly jovial, each note sounds as if it was soaked in mirth. Blurring the lines between folk, blues, country and bluegrass and even incorporating a handful of folk-pop elements the band create songs that are undeniably bouncy and fill them with catchy riffs that will have your brain active for days.

Their music is so wonderfully uplifting that listening to Slow Down the Days is like watching the sky before you brighten, like the sound of summer approaching it’s music that’s perfect for any weather. Throughout Spring and Summer it’s a perfect EP to help brighten your day and through Autumn and Winter it would serve to keep your spirits high, like listening to a synthetic summer. Music that has the power to make you feel this good simply shouldn’t be ignored.

Forty Elephant Gang are a delightful, uplifting and inspiring four-piece band with more talent than the four tracks on Slow Down the Days are capable of withholding. Their current EP does them justice in every sense of the word but there’s no hiding from the fact that it is simply too short for a band with this much heart. We are eagerly anticipating a follow-up.

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Joe Knipe

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