Introducing: Dominique Fricot

Dominique Fricot

We recently had the chance to catch a performance from the incredibly talented Dominique Fricot on his one and only UK date at the Slaughtered Lamb in London. We walked into an enraptured room – every eye on Fricot and every pair of hands raised and ready for his command. It was a wondrous performance rife with infectious tunes, truly outstanding vocals and a communal sense of humour that really emphasized the intimacy of the venue. Needless to say that we were first in line for a chat afterwards.

Whilst having recently completed a tour across various parts of Europe, Fricot can generally be found in his native Canada playing around the Vancouver area. His musical stylings have been carefully honed and tailored over years of constant gigging with his previous band The Painted Birds and adapted to suit his new solo, acoustic performances. Listening to him live and listening to his albums it’s almost like hearing a different artist, but each is so exceptional that neither could ever be faulted.

His debut album Sweet Little Fantasy is utterly electrifying as it brings his rich, evocative baritone vocals to life with the backing of a rich orchestra of instruments. These stunning vocals are swirled together with harmonious strings and tender piano medleys whilst rough rock tunes are formed around some of his tender words. His lyrics are loving, soothing and often deeply humourous. I Miss the 80’s is his hilarious ode to his childhood and all that came with it. He has a tactful talent for rallying between bouncing songs like this and sweet ballads such as Those Eyes and Strange Lady that feel more like he’s picking the strings of your heart than his guitar. These songs breathe life into beautiful stories from Fricot’s past.

His music is constantly changing, adapting itself between tender, almost operatic tunes and rough and ready rock tunes. Mothers Day is a heavy melody that is led by a pounding electric guitar; it’s a song that wouldn’t be out of place in your local rock bar. His voice is as capable of evolution as his music is as he proves time and again that he can apply his unique brand of soulful folk-rock to anything and everything he likes.

His voice is a deep, rich river flowing through his music; his soft Canadian accent is pure and evocative, creating such a charming collection of songs. When combined with such a varied background of music he is an unstoppable force both from a stage and from the studio. We will be carefully monitoring his shows from now on to keep an eye out for another lucky UK date.

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