Introducing: Deer Tick

It has been just shy of four years since the last official release from Deer Tick came about and it had frankly started to feel like they weren’t going to produce any more of their unique brand of Americana indie folk rock but thankfully 2017 saw the band returning triumphantly with an impressive display of what they have been working on for so long.

Deer Tick Vol. 1 and Deer Tick Vol. 2 were released simultaneously and separately as opposed to producing a double album, giving you a good deal of consumer choice. Perhaps you might feel as though you want to buy volume one first to see if you want to go on and buy the next one but we can save you the trouble and tell you it’s better to just get both at once and save yourself the time. Deer Tick are a truly unique law unto themselves who have carefully carved themselves a niche that sits comfortably somewhere between The Shins, Beck and The Smashing Pumpkins. A heady blend of Americana rock that will get your blood pumping and can’t be ignored.

The driving force of their albums is the rich, vibrant and often soulful music that they create. Rocky melodies burst forth with all the joy and explosive power of a thousand party poppers on New Year’s Eve. There is a tremendous sense of playfulness within their work and you cannot help but feel some degree of jubilance as a listener. Infusing their music with sounds that are influenced from a plethora of genres they create a slice of something that is new and exciting. Gospel fuses with soft jazz while country is thrown into a blender with some rock and blues. The resulting songs have all the raw power of a hurricane and can hit you just as hard.

This raw powerful is only enhanced by the rasped and charismatic vocals of John J McCauley which power through each and every song like a jack hammer. Powerful, raw and crackling like electricity, McCauley’s voice brings a rough and ready edge to their music and he also brings a jaunty playfulness to the table that makes their music such a joy to hear.

Loud, phenomenal and totally eccentric, Deer Tick have come back with a bang and with far more than we could have ever hoped for. Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are simply another couple of albums to go ahead and add to your musical bucket list.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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