Introducing: Days Are Done

Days are Done just might be one of Britain’s best kept secrets. They are the quiet kind of band who can be found hidden away in coffee shops and trendy bars where their dedicated and adoring audience have the chance to listen to them in peace. Days are Done are a band that are truly deserving of your undivided attention and after just one song you’ll come to appreciate this; you’ll turn the music up and shut the whole world out just to hear them sing.

This remarkable duo are astonishingly understated and underappreciated. Beholden only to one guitar and a series of breathtaking vocals the immeasurable talent of the duo should have them headlining venues across the country but instead they concentrate on creating the music they are happiest with and this in turn has garnered them a dedicated set of fans. The guitar melodies of Adam Lewis are soothing, evocative and deftly constructed masterpieces that swirl and adapt a moments notice. They carry dutiful tones of folk and country and breathe fresh life into them as Lewis allows his songs to drift through the air in an uplifting and elevating breeze.

When it comes to putting their vocal talents into words, no matter what you commit to text it never feels like it does them justice. Emmy-Lou Kay and Lewis have a wealth of talents at their disposal but their awe-inspiring vocals are at the very top of the list. Their voices are mesmerising in each case but when the two come together and entwine themselves then it borders on something close to a religious experience. Adam has a husky and resonant voice that warms and soothes you while Kay has a voice smoother than gold and richer than honey. The duo combine to generate a series of songs that are so rich and soulful that they could melt a heart of stone.

As it stands at the moment you can only invest in a copy of their live work but with a brand new debut single out now this looks set to be changing soon. If there was ever a band hidden away in this country to keep a close eye on then Days are Done are it.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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