Introducing: Chloe Foy

Despite it having been just shy of three years since Chloe Foy’s last release it is fair to say that she has clearly taken the last few years to craft and perfect an astounding sound that is uniquely and undoubtedly her own.

Foy has a sound that is bold, optimistic and absolutely unafraid. Her every song plays out like an immensely personal dream, feeling stripped and naked; each and every nerve exposed to the world. This humbling trait gives you a charming sense of intimacy and generates a bond between you – you can’t help but feel as if her every word is sung for your ears only. Foy has a truly remarkable voice that is soft and tender, whilst also being powerful and versatile. She is ready to adapt her vocal talents to suit whichever vein she enters into on the day. Her voice drifts over you as effortlessly as the breeze leaving you with a soothing sense of calm that creeps into your bones and relaxes you completely. Her rich and charismatic voice flows with the power of a maelstrom but is as soft as the likes of Laura Marling – she is a truly breath-taking singer.

Foy expertly creates a collection of stunning and mesmerising songs with a unique and experimental undertone as they meld together incorporating fragments from folk, indie, country and even rock. Her soft and tender melodies such as Are we There Yet? allow her to portray her tender and loving melodies but also to fill it with catchy guitar riffs that erupt into the song like a geyser. Other songs such as In the Middle of the Night truly demonstrate Foy’s desire and ability as she carefully combines violins, pianos, guitars and brass to breathe life into a song that is so jubilant and positive that it can’t help but make you smile.

Chloe Foy has been plying her trade for several years now and although her musical releases have been few, they are easily so stunning as to garner your forgiveness for the delays. As you listen to her latest release Are we There Yet? you simply cannot help but notice that the reason for the three year gap is her fierce dedication to the creation of perfection and her talent to make it happen.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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