Album Review: Georgia Ruth – Fossil Scale

navigator099-300pxFossil Scales is the latest offering from Welsh born singer-songwriter/harpist Georgia Ruth. Ruth has been working in a variety of capacities throughout the music industry over the years from her incredible solo work to her work as a radio presenter. She takes careful pause between her projects to ensure that they are honed to total perfection and thankfully Fossil Scale is no exception.

Ruth has a rich and deeply evocative sound that draws inspiration from a host of music around the world. Songs such as Cloudbroke have a beautiful and stark contrast between the traditional and the contemporary. Eager machine drumbeats and pop styled music blends together with Celtic infused pipe music as well as tender strings that clearly originated in Asian culture. With an attitude that is unafraid of experimenting with music, Ruth is able to create a collection of songs that are joyous, tender and immensely catchy as they create a perfect blend of old and new.

These rich amalgamations mean that she has taken the traditional and turned it on its head to create a whole new style of contemporary pop-folk music, the closest likeness you could possibly find being Rosie Thomas and even that is leagues away in contrast. This new style of pop-folk is charming and addictive with songs such as Fossil Scale which are sweet and tender, sticking in your head for days. Adding to her immeasurable musical prowess however is her inimitably sweet and tender vocals; her honeyed voice drifting through her every song. Her voice is as carefully well crafted as her lyrics and her music combining to create a charming and uplifting album which can wash over you with everything from a warming happiness to childhood nostalgia.

Ruth is a fiercely talented musician with a stunning voice and an ability to tap into your innermost feelings and bring them bubbling to the surface. Her music is a jubilant collection of traditional-contemporary pop-folk that defies both genres and expectations.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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