EP Review: The Trials of Cato – The Trials of Cato

The Trials of Cato are a band who understand that things take time. Nothing happens overnight and they are more than happy to put in the time and the effort to ensure that what they produce is breathtaking. Formed in Beirut back in 2015, the band roamed the country tweaking and adjusting their music according to their tastes until they settled on a sound that is unarguably their own. Close to two formative years later the band released their debut self-titled EP which is four tracks of pure joy for any folk fan.

This time frame allowed the band to nurture and grown their sound, evolving it further every step of the way. The Trials of Cato have become one of the tightest and most invigorating bands on the circuit today and are arguably the best folk band to emerge from the Levant in many a moon. Their music is filled with a wealthy nautical feeling, evocative of pirates sailing on the high seas in search of adventure. The band have taken a traditional English folk sound and imbued it with their own localised influences telling takes from across the times and lands and bringing their music to life with a flourish.

Their music is rich and deeply layered with soaring fiddle tunes bouncing alongside quick fire mandolin medleys and a dancing set of drum beats. Their energetic, jovial tones sit somewhere between a stripped back version of Green Diesel and the jaunty folk rock melodies of Great Big Sea. The bands raucous nature is totally infectious, music that makes you want to swing yourself about and stomp your feet. Topping this off is the series of vocals that harmonise so stunningly together and seemingly effortlessly. This music with these harmonies helps make them one of the tightest performers working today, never a beat out of place.

The Trials of Cato have a classic and timeless quality to their music that they have carefully crafted over time. They have the whimsical power to transport you through time and space and leave you danced out and breathless in just four short tracks.

Check out their video and website below…

More info at: https://thetrialsofcato.com/

Review byJoe Knipe

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