EP Review: Scott Lloyd – Long Live You

Scott Lloyd might not have been making his mark on the scene all that long but with his debut EP Long Live You, he’s certainly making sure that the mark he makes is a big one.

The opening track Streets are the Colours practically explodes into existence as Lloyd begins his EP in a magnificent burst of energy; a funky, light acoustic rock that instantly gets the blood pumping.  This surge is readily carried through by the rest of the EP as Lloyd applies his energies to getting your knees jiggling.  Despite a running time just shy of 17 minutes, Lloyd displays an impressive range of songs from his upbeat outburst opening to the gentle and touching Lone Wolf.

His vocal range is impressive as he applies it to his varying different songs.  In one moment his is a subtle and smooth voice that carries itself gently through songs such as Lone Wolf whereas moments before it can suddenly swing about to richer, more temperate growl that reverberates in his throat, sometimes sounding like an entirely different side to the songs.  All the while it carries with it a faint sense of familiarity, a slight similarity at times to the vocals of Charlie Fink or possibly a similarity that could be borne of influence alone as he is audibly influenced by the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.

In just five short tracks, Lloyd is able to provide us with a wonderful cross-section of his music, from the upbeat and involving tunes to the touching and more melancholic ones.  His deft musical talent is complimented by his varied vocals and with Long Live You he has created an EP that could happily play itself through on your iPod a dozen times over without complaint.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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