EP Review: Milton Hide – Little Fish

Little Fish is the latest EP from the authentic folk stylings of Milton Hide. Comprising of Jim and Josie Tipler, the pair have one of the most long standing performing relationships in the music industry today. Having first met at college the pair teamed up to perform various gigs and busk. This companionship lead them on to greater heights and more and more musical projects and groups and the rest is history.

Since those first says together spend busking on busy streets the duo have had a variety of adventures from opening stages for the likes of Jim Moray to raising three sons whilst writing a wealth of material. Having been together for so long it is of little surprise that the relationship between them plays out with such a natural harmony and flow. There is a radiance that ebbs out into the world as they bring their songs to life; surrounding themselves of clarinets, banjos and violins their music is uplifting, smooth and soulful. Harking back to the folk of old Milton Hide produce a quaint and charmed folk music that pay homage to life, love and murder as all great folk songs should. There is a subtle and refreshing contemporary lilt that is hidden away within their work as they draw their influences from a host of times and genres and pepper their songs with gentle changes in tone.

With an optimistic and elevating sound to their name Milton Hide in just six short tracks use their earnest and upbeat guitar melodies and sultry drum beats to draw you in before they swallow you up with rich piano tunes and raring banjo melodies and wash it all down with the softly resonant harmonies of their voices as they intermingle. There is a wonderful streak in Little Fish that sees the duo take a meandering walk through song and exemplifies the sheer depth and versatility they possess. Turning their hand from classic folk styles there are traces of jazz and blues that override songs like Better Off Dead while Love is a Bitch takes unfavourable subjects and creates an uplifting melody that you can’t help but swing to and tackles it with gentle humour.

Little Fish might just whet your appetite for now as it doesn’t last as long as you might like but that’s just greed speaking. With such an eclectic range at their fingertips it is anybody’s guess as to where their journey will take them next but we’re certainly excited to see.

For more info: www.miltonhide.com

Review by Joe Knipe

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