EP Review: Melanie Crew – Further Away

Further Away is the most recent EP from London based singer-songwriter Melanie Crew; a talented young lady who has spent the last few years steadily perfecting her musical skills on the London music scene.

Further Away is a charming and harmonious collection of songs that each have a wonderful tender and earnest quality to them. This is uplifted throughout by her carefully composed collection of soft acoustic medleys that are as swift and natural as a bubbling brook washing between your toes on a hot summers day. Charming and refreshing, her music is quiet and calmly understated whilst retaining a refreshing and charming quality.

The most astounding element however is Crew’s stunning vocals. They are honey sweet, earnest and almost unnervingly tender. This is a voice that is positively brimming with passion and rich, ardent honesty that makes it so wonderfully comforting to listen to her. Her shining heart beats with every chord and word; at times, faint hints of something almost akin to The Cranberries Dolores O’Riordan.

Crew is a truly talented individual with a keen ear for music. She knows precisely how to juxtapose her vocals against her soft acoustic melodies with a stunning style and panache. Her voice is so mesmeric that no matter how good the music, it almost always feels like it’s just along for the ride.

Review by Joe Knipe

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