EP Review: Luna Tides – Open Woods

Open Woods is the debut EP from Luna Tides, a rocked up folk-pop experience that is capturing hearts and minds across the country with its joyous melodies and stunning vocals.

Actually the work of just one man, Luna Tides is the musical child of Welsh singer-songwriter Thomas Seddon – a man with a voice as smooth and rich as gold. His voice is perfectly suited to folk; raw, powerful and filled with a depth of emotion he is able to carry his every message straight to our heart. At times he sounds akin to the likes of The Skylarks with a more refined edge to his voice. It’s a set of vocals that are just deep enough to make it feel as if his voice is reverberating through your chest.

His music of course bolsters this even further – upbeat, jovial and warming it is filled with a variety of instruments that swirl together and elevate his every word. Each song feels as though it pushes itself higher with every growing note. Songs such as Last Night bursts forth towards its end with a trul grandiose folk-rock medley that leaves you with a distinct impression of thousands of voices shouting along in unison. His music flows so naturally that at times it feels as if it is taking on a life of its own and it’s clear from just these four tracks that his music is growing all the time and soon enough it will be far too big to be held on a smaller stage.

It’s evident that Seddon is a man brimming with passion and talent and he has compressed all of it into just four songs with Open Woods, just to show us what he’s capable of. It’s the perfect EP to close 2016 with because it gives us something to look forward to in 2017 as this is clearly not the last we’ll hear from Luna Tides.

● Website: http://www.lunatides.co.uk
● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lunatides
● Tumblr: http://www.lunatides.co.uk
● Twitter: https://twitter.com/luna_tides
● Instagram: @luna_tides
● Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/luna_tides

Review by Joe Knipe

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