EP Review: Linda Scanlon – A Place To Be

Linda Scanlon has had a long and illustrious career that has carried her feet to hundreds of stages all across the globe, playing in well-loved bands such as The Rogues and Klonakilty.  Now however, she spends her days embarking on her solo career in Portugal where she has become a household name.  Thankfully not content with this she has finally taken the plunge and introduced her solo work to the world at large with her debut EP A Place to Be.

A Place to Be is Scanlon’s first real solo attempt since she first began her life in music and suffice to say that the EP, whilst just five tracks long is an intensive labour of love.  Produced by herself and recorded in her own studio, everything from the performance to the mixing was done by her own hand and her love of her work is clearly emphasized in both her eager music and her tender voice.  The EP is filled with a beautiful and melodic composition of simplistic, yet soulful guitar medleys and complimented by a variety of sweeping strings and accordions.  The whole effect is that of a whimsical, buoyant, traditional feeling that sits perfectly against her soft Irish lilt which remains at the core of her voice despite years abroad.

With wonderful, bubbly tracks such as The Scholar and Summerfly, it’s readily apparent just how skilled Scanlon is musically as she creates such seemingly simplistic tunes that remain unrelentingly addictive in their refrains.  But what really does make her EP stand out from the crowd is her stunning, soothing, eloquent voice.  Rich and tender, her vocals ring out as clear as bell on each track and resonate with the accompanying music to create something wholly uplifting.  Flawless to the end, in just five tracks she is able to display how readily her vocal talents adapt to upbeat, jaunty songs as well as more soulful, traditional songs such as Clothes of Sand.

Scanlon’s beautiful voice is surely reason enough to add the EP to your collection, but as you allow the tracks to grow with the music and blend together A Place to Be takes on another element as the rich music washes over you, allowing an addiction to form and grow.  The saddest part is the five track running time simply doesn’t allow you to feed your addiction so you’ll be stuck waiting for her next solo project to emerge and reach your eager ears.

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Review by Joe Knipe


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