EP Review: Kim Churchill – I Am

Kim Churchill is a versatile young singer-songwriter who has been becoming more prevalent internationally in the last few years. Reaching out ears from the other side of the world in Australia, he has been pouring his heart and soul into his craft ever since his debut release and creating some of the most engaging and arresting songs around.

Most recently he has released his latest 7-track EP, I Am which is a truly astounding and gorgeous piece of artistry. If this is your first time encountering him then there could be no better time as his rich and indelible nature is exuded in his every note. At a first glance you might find similarities with the likes of Newton Faulkner but as I Am grows and becomes a tale around you it becomes readily understood that it’s not directly akin to Faulkner’s music but rather carries the same burning flames. Both artists carry this resplendent and burning passion that gives their music a sense of sheer exuberance and joy. Churchill is an artist who is completely unafraid and with this fearlessness he tackles his songs, experimenting with them and bringing to life enigmatic and dextrous melodies that are plucked out on a seemingly gentle guitar but surrounded by an earnest variety of clapping, harmonicas and more.

Churchill has a soft and affable voice that carries a warming, familiar feeling that seems to run through your veins. There is some true sense of otherworldly comfort to his voice that makes it feel like it’s coming from deep within your own heart or mind. His elegant and expressive vocals are softly touched with a husky nature that seem to cut through the air around you and entwine themselves in your mind. His earnest voice and transcendent accompaniments make for some of the most charming and incendiary melodies in recent years. His songs are relentlessly uplifting and seem so peaceful; and yet you will still find yourself stamping your feet and dancing around. There is a subtle rock tinge that underlays his work which fuses perfectly with his impassioned performance.

If there could be any fault found within I Am it would be the same fault that every great artist must face – it has to stop at some point. But thanks to the repeat options on most equipment these days we have the luck of being able to have it run through again and again as his lofty and tender songs quickly make themselves the soundtrack for your summer.

More info at: https://www.facebook.com/kimchurchillmusic/

Review by Joe Knipe


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