EP Review: Josh Geffin – Rocks Of Bawn EP

Josh Geffin - Rocks Of Bawn EPJosh Geffin is a London based performer who has been gracing our stages across the country for a number of years already and to date has five musical releases to his name. However, this year sees the release of his latest EP, Rocks of Bawn.

Containing five beautiful, melodic and totally transfixing tracks, Rocks of Bawn is a sterling introduction to Geffin’s work for anyone unaware already. Opening with the title track Rocks of Bawn it is rapidly clear that this is an EP that will be going from Strength to Strength. There is a tenderness within the song that is carried by the calm and collected nature in which Geffin brings his vocals to life. His soft, lullaby voice is tinged with the perfect amount of melancholy to bring his chosen topics to life. Combine this with the fact that the song is imbued with a subtle Celtic element with gentle violins that send your mind racing far and wide of cragged Irish landscapes and you have a perfect introduction to his talents.

The EP extends itself further however and does carry itself away from the more maudlin topics and rapidly becomes more cheerful than its opening gambit. There is something charmingly understated about Geffin’s performance throughout and this is likely his choice of accompanying music that allows his vocals to float above them. There is a rich and deft collection of his finger plucked acoustic guitar but this is overlaid with violin scores that waft through the tracks like a summers breeze and bass lines that seem to bend and sway like reeds. The whole collected affair is quite frankly mesmerising, seeming both understated and grandiose as the same time.

There is a tremendous warmth and affection held within Geffin’s voice as well as a certain touch of poignancy that makes him a perfect candidate for folk music and with Rocks of Bawn he brings folk music to life with stunning form. With the exception of the final track this isn’t an EP to make you dance but it is an EP to make you think; to let the songs flow through you. With an EP this strong it’s going to be exciting to hear what he brings to the world in the future.

More information at http://www.joshgeffin.com/

Review by Joe Knipe

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