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EP Review: Joanna Weston – Pieces Of The Puzzle

Joanna Weston, a singer song writer, who isn’t averse to playing at “House Concerts” has released her latest EP “Pieces of the puzzle”.  This EP is a collection of upbeat tracks which demonstrates Joanna’s smooth, soft and clear voice.  A descripted journey of believable experiences, delivered with a voice that is gentle and reflective at times, but which is strong and robust when needed to be.

This EP is a mix of Folk, Jazz and Blues and is a true hybrid of sound.  In one track Joanna has even managed to incorporate a hint of Reggae in the backing rhythm.  You might think this this all sounds jumbled up however, this is not the case, attention to detail and some fine arranging of the tracks have resulted a pleasing blend of musical influences which all fit in perfectly with Joanna’s lyrical phrasing and each song lyrics.

The title track AMY tells a provoking story of childhood memories which anyone listening to will relate to.  If you are looking for a chilled out jazz sound, a must listen to track is SOMETHING it’s a combination of Joanna’s smooth lyrics dancing over a backing of symbols and piano.

Joanna is undoubtedly an up and coming talent something that can be seen by the fact she is in high demand, she has a full gig list at home and abroad.  If you can get along to see her then you will be in for a real treat.

Whatever the underlying musical style, Joanna’s voice comes through with clarity and precision. Well produced and accomplished vocals make this a really enjoyable set of tracks, listen to this EP and you will want to hear more.

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Review by Andy Weller


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