EP Review: India Electric Co. – Tablelands

India Electric Co. might sound like an alternative to EDF or somewhere that you really want to get on a Monopoly board but the reality is that they are actually an eclectic and astounding folk duo who work tirelessly to produce their unique and electrifying folk melodies.

Their latest EP release is Tablelands, another monumental stepping stone on their journey to the top of the folk scene. Although just five tracks in total, theirs is no ordinary EP and doesn’t simply offer you a taste of their work but delves much deeper and gives you a lengthy look into their astounding musical compositions. Dextrous and meticulous hands craft lightning speed melodies that fuse together their instruments with a daring and provocative new genre – soft infusions swirl together to offer subtle glimpses to the duos worldwide influences. Songs such as Lila seem to be steeped in a soft Spanish tone while there is a careful and tenderly understated notion of French music.

This fearless and experimental nature is what gives India Electric Co. their unique edge on the folk scene. Never content to rest, their sounds become increasingly drastic as their work progresses going from sparse amalgamations of sounds with songs such as Mareeba while others feel as though they are overlaid with a full orchestral score. There is a steady and inimitable folk influence at the very heart of their work that really bursts to life with their song In Absence – serving as the root of their work, all of the music that emerges from Tablelands feels as steady and natural as the growth of branches on a tree. Indeed their work even seems to breathe on its own, becoming a living embodiment of sound.

Opening track from Tablelands, released 19/10/18.

Their liberating music is deftly uplifted by the application of their evocative and almost sombre vocals. There is a transparency and almost urgency in how they bring their words to life. There is an ardent honesty to their words and a genuine passion to their voices. Deep and resonant their voices creep out over the top of their music to gently elevate it and build a new level of depth within it. India Electric Co. steadily produce delicate and dextrous masterpieces and Tablelands is no different. It’s a vibrant and elaborate EP that will find its way under your skin and all you can do to get it out is wait for their next one and hope it’s as good.

Tablelands is available on CD, download and from streaming services such as:

Proper Music

Upcoming Dates

St Botolph’s Church
Steyning, United Kingdom

Sat, OCT 27
St Mary’s Church, Burham, Kent (In association with The CCT)
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Fri, NOV 16
St James’ Church, Cooling (In association with The CCT)
Rochester, United Kingdom
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St Peter’s Church, Swingfield
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Review by Joe Knipe

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