EP Review: India Electric Co. – India Electric Co.

India Electric Co. are an astoundingly talented and unique duo who have been sought influence from music across the world and transformed the folk music scene. This year sees the release of their follow-up to their debut album two years ago, a self-titled five-track EP that brings their phenomenal talents to life.

The EP itself boats five totally unique tracks that play out seamlessly like a playful and touching journey. As the music progresses as if you are traversing an undulating and adaptive path that takes you through fields, castles, thorns and clouds. The way their whimsical music pops into life has an almost fairy tale quality to it, a sense of wonder and amazement as each song turns the pages once again in an aged book. The musical duo have created themselves a perfect blend of old and new, folk and pop – indeed their EP blurs the lines within a variety of genres and countries and brings a wealth of variety to their work.

The contemporary fusions that the band have created draw influence from such a variety of countries and they blur the lines between them, adapting countries and cultures to create this heady blend of music that’s as varied and colourful as a spice shop. Their music is so richly layered with instruments that there is almost always something new to absorb for you with every time. Rapid fiddle tunes give way to tender piano melodies while accordions squeeze to life. The final layer on top of this is the magical and tender vocals the pair bring to the table. Charming and evocative, you can almost hear faint traces of Gary Lightbody in there which breeds a degree of familiarity.

India Electric Co. are a pair of musicians who know their craft. They are a versatile, adaptive and evolving force of sound that can whisk you away to lands you never knew existed. It is astounding the length and breadth of the world that you can travel in just five short songs.

More details at: http://indiaelectricco.com/

Review by Joe Knipe

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