EP Review: Hickory Signals – Noise of the Waters

Sussex based duo Hickory Signals have been quietly making a name for themselves in recent years. Their physical releases might have been slightly few but they have been ever present and ever honing their skills. Thankfully, at the end of 2016 we have in our hands their latest EP.

Noise of the Waters is one of the most stunning and versatile EPs to have emerged this year and with one listen to this it’s clear why Hickory Signals have been making big waves of late. Their music is a rich tapestry of inspiration from around the world. Folk elements from a host of countries converge and combine to create a timeless set of songs. The EP is a perfect blend of fast and slow, it meanders gently like a running river carrying you downstream. It takes you on a full journey as you begin in smooth and crystalline waters surrounded by richly elegant pipes and then speeds you down a more tumultuous stretch with a breakneck banjo tune. Their music is uplifting, tender and calming; a series of songs that can put you totally at peace while still making you tap your feet.

Lead by the vocals of Laura Ward which are as pure and tender as freshly fallen snow, this is where Hickory Signals truly come into their own. Their emotive and atmospheric collection of songs are already something to behold even without her voice but once it’s there, it cannot be unheard. One of the most pure, charming and elegant voices on the circuit today with gentle echoes of the likes of Laura Marling elevates the duo to dizzying new heights.

By turns cheerful and tender, Noise of the Waters flows like a river and carries you on a gentle journey to cleanse your soul.

The official music video for new single “Noise of the Waters” by Hickory Signals.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/HickorySignals/

Review by Joe Knipe

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