EP Review: Harry Pane – The Wild Winds

Harry Pane is a talented young singer-songwriter hailing from Northamptonshire who is still a relative newcomer to the music industry but in the last couple of years he has been making greater and greater waves. He recently released his second EP The Wild Winds and it’s an incredible sign of great things to come.

The Wild Wind is a five track EP that is packed with powerful performances that show off Pane’s talent with a flourish. Absolutely loaded with dark, brooding country rock style tunes it is a stunning look at Pane’s repertoire and is every bit as powerful as the wildest of winds. It is filled with a series of dextrous guitar melodies and deep, stomping beats that feel as though they are vibrating up through your very core. There are thurmbling base lines that crack like burning logs, deep and guttural – it is a beautiful frenzy of sound that is refined in its every aspect.

Deep and raucous, Pane’s music is raw and powerful, like the sound of a man who is taming lightning. But Pane tames it with ease – his thunderous and booming voice rings out through the air and forces itself to the forefront of his sound. His stunning voice is so uniquely suited to his brand of moody country blues that he seems to carry each and every song effortlessly and yet with so much power held within it. At times you can almost hear the fainted trace of a sound akin to Elbow but this music is without a shadow of a doubt stamped solidly with Pane’s own personal mark.

The Wild Winds is an astonishing look at the music that Pan is capable of producing and the closest thing it has to a downfall would be that by the time it’s over you’re no longer content with just an EP. Each song leaves you hungry for more and with a sound like this it’s safe to say this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing of Pane.

Watch the video for the lead sing ‘Fletcher Bay’ below…

More info can be found at: http://harrypane.com/

Review by Joe Knipe

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