EP Review: Ferris & Sylvester – Made in Streatham

In 2017 Ferris & Sylvester were named in Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the Top Ten New Country Artists to Watch. They have also received a collection of accolades from the likes of BBC Introducing and a nomination for Best Songwriter as well as Best Folk/Country Act at the Unsigned Music Awards. With this wealth of well-deserved honours to their name the pair had a lot to live up to in 2018 and thankfully they have lived up to it in style with the release of their latest EP Made in Streatham.

As the name suggests the EP was actually recorded inside the pairs Streatham flat which gives it a softly rustic feel at time. Yet another charming element within their rich and unique sound that gives you another glimpse into the stunning world in which Ferris & Sylvester reside. Opening with Better in Yellow the EP springs to life with a funky country tune that is as vibrant as its colourful name suggests and is roaring alive with bold brass melodies, raucous guitar tunes and powerful organs. As Made in Streatham springs to life it’s like opening your front door to another world dappled in blazing sunshine and bright blue skies. This transformative song is so enlightening and uplifting that it’s the perfect remedy to a moody Monday morning. This warmth and playful style is something that the duo employ in much of their work but that’s not to say that they always carry this joviality with them. There are songs such as Loser and The Room that are tender and almost painful songs that deal with the more mundane aspects of life but with a careful and tender method that soothes the soul.

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As if the inferno of sound the pair can produce wasn’t enough to sate you, the duo also happen to produce some of the most enviable harmonies in the business. Leading the way is Issy Ferris, a powerful young woman with a voice like whisky kissed with honey – smooth and sultry but with a burn to it while Archie Sylvester has an emotive and soulful voice that can bring prickles to your skin. The two combining however results in a collection of harmonies unlike anything you have heard before. These are harmonies that can make you catch your breath as you listen. Steeped in emotion the duo create some of the most astounding vocal stylings in recent years and combining this with their burning country style and vivacious sound they have created a sound that will take the world by storm.

The accolades that Ferris & Sylvester received in 2017 can be expected to increase exponentially in 2018. Made in Streatham is a vibrant and colourful five-track EP that touches on love, loss and modern life. It’s bold, creative and hearteningly uplifting, bringing an enrichment to your life that you never knew you needed. Yet another breath-taking release from one of the most talented artists in London, Made in Streatham removes the duo from any ‘to watch’ category and plants them firmly in the top tens across the board.

More info at: https://www.ferrisandsylvester.co.uk/

Review by Joe Knipe

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