EP Review: Dig Deeper – Stars Tonight

Norwegian based band Dig Deeper have been bringing their unique blend of 80s alternative folk rock to the world for a fair number of years now and over the last few years their influence has been steadily spreading further and further afield from their homeland. 2017 sees the release of their latest EP Stars Tonight and it’s a musical triumph that will doubtless spread their name further still.

Dig Deeper is a collection of wonderfully talented and charismatic musicians who have the power to make their work seem as natural and effortless as breathing and yet they leave you with a soft and warming glow in your chest. The band have created a wealth of emotions within their three short track. Their music is deeply imbued with a rich sense of fun, peace and harmony which is strange in itself as their music is a somewhat jaunty and almost sauntering collection of rock tunes. Perhaps it is the strong country vein in their work that affords them this peaceful tone as warming slide guitars and rich piano tunes melt into the background.

Dig Deeper have another charm hidden away within their work and that is their striking vocals. A gentle, earnest and soft-spoken voice drifts alongside their work. This almost reserved nature helps elevate the peaceful and harmonious nature of their work. There are familiar traces within their sound, one of which could easily be likened to the solo work of Ray Davies. There is also something that feels fiercely personal in their work as their lyrics speak volumes. Songs such as Two Broken Fingers touch on subjects that are painful and yet natural, unavoidable and relatable. The way they bring these subjects to life however feels loving, careful and cathartic. It’s impossible to walk away from the song with anything other than a peaceful contentment from it.

Stars Tonight might only be a three track EP but it’s beautiful, it’s personal and it’s uplifting. They pack a huge punch in such a short space of time and it’s the perfect introduction to a band that is sure to continue spreading their name across the globe.

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Review by Joe Knipe

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