EP Review: Cut Throat Francis – This Garden’s Never Gonna Grow

Cut Throat Francis are a Bristol-based gypsy folk band who describe themselves as a ‘Balkan swing band…kind of’ and honestly that’s about as close as you can get to putting a definition into words for what they do. The reality is that the group have created a sound that borders on blissfully indescribable and this year saw the release of their latest EP This Garden’s Never Gonna Grow.

Cut Throat Francis are easily one of the most refreshing and decadent bands to have emerged in recent years. Channelling the gypsy-folk-punk style synonymous with the likes of Gogol Bordello and Antun Opic the group have blasted their way onto a very niche landscape in which they are truly dominating the sound. Their harmonies seem to be summoned from the world over as their dextrous and lighting strike tunes often flare into the territory of Greek traditional instrumentals as well as Eastern European and even traditional Jewish melodies can be heard rumbling around in their work. The result of this daring blend of genres and fusions is an EP that is completely hedonistic, daring and immeasurably fun. As tunes like Kalimotxo play out it’s totally impossible not to be drawn into their passion and power like a whirlpool. Rich, jovial and relentless in their cheerful nature their each and every song is a virulent and passionate count that elevates you from your very core.

The group are substantially more than simply an unrestrained bundle of energy though. They could have all the fuel they need to get by with just their music but they’re not content with that and to top it off they have the absolutely breath-taking smoky and sultry vocals of Harriet Hayes. There is such a monumental wealth of components that make up the band that is’ tough to remember that it is all brought together by just four people but as songs like The Too Much Fun Club come belting out to meet you, you have to remind yourself that all this power, all this noise and vibrance comes from a small group with an overwhelming talent.

Cut Throat Francis are a band that focus everything they do on the concept of having a good time. The sheer passion with which they play out for a good old fashioned knees up would blast scores of others out of the water. They channel all of their energy into their work in a playful and enigmatic way that is just pure comfort for the soul. This Garden’s Never Gonna Grow is an absolutely perfect EP and cements them as an act to watch in the future.

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Review by Joe Knipe


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