EP Review: Chloe Reynolds – Unresolved

In her debut EP Unresolved, relative newcomer Chloe Reynolds has deftly withstood the challenge of creating plucky, memorable songs whilst combining them with cool, unfaltering lyrics.

Each of her songs paints a memorable picture, but not all of those pictures are as pretty as we might like. As a listener, you are pushed to confront your own sense of self and the depths of human compassion as well as the futures we’re creating for ourselves. In just six short tracks, Reynolds powers through the past, present and future without once breaking her stride. Her lyrics etch themselves in your mind as they contemplate everything from fractured love to her future daughter.

The true beauty of the album however, stems from her tender, supple voice which rings clearly through each track like a bell in the night. Her velvet voice is complimented by the rich tinkling of her piano and the gentle composure of an acoustic guitar, giving her vocals a moving, delicate edge, demanding of attention. Her musical talents are astounding as her piano accompaniment readily proves and her songs range from simple, moving ballads such as Fish in the Sea to thrilling, complex songs such as Hide which exemplify her music at its best.

From these six tracks it is audibly clear that Chloe Reynolds is a musical force to be reckoned with; her lyrics are flushed with a fiery passion and they stitch together a collection of songs that will stay with you as much as the sweet, haunting melodies of her voice.

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Review by Joe Knipe