EP Review: Annie Keating – Ghost of the Untravelled Road

Ghost of the Untravelled Road is the latest EP release from Americana and bluegrass star Annie Keating in which she delves into the depths of bluegrass itself and produces a short and sweet compilation of songs that seem to pay homage to the Bob Dylan songs of old whilst also combining this with a unique and arguably more tender style of her own.

There is a charm in the sheer versatility of the work Keating brings to life that allows her smooth and smoky voice to be applied to a stunning collection of songs that waver between melancholy blues, uplifting country and soulful Americana. The masterful way in which Keating blends these aspects together is evident not only in the production of the songs themselves but also in the masterful craft in which she has structured her EP so that it can weave a trail for you to follow through her sentiments and notions. Within just five songs she gives us ghostly echoes of haunted, dusty highways, the concept of human kindness and most importantly the absolute joys of love.

It is clear that Keating is a natural-born storyteller – this is evident from her tender and heartfelt songs that care carefully overlaid with uplifting and often soothing, almost lullaby melodies that allow you to sit and feel not just her music but her words. There is a deep rooted strength resigning in those tender tones that brings her stories shimmering into the light. Accompanied by a score of fiddle tunes and deftly plucked guitar strings, Ghost of the Untravelled Road is a soft but touching ride that sends you gently drifting along in a world of Keating’s making. The passion and affection that her vocals are steeped in is wildly infectious and as a gentle slide guitar swells in the background, her charismatic voice is something as tangible as a stone and as affirming as life.

Ghost of the Untravelled Road is a contemporary inflection on the classical country and bluegrass genres that we are so used to. Retaining all of the classic elements, Keating has mastered the art of subtlety and deftly branded her music with her own unique twists – it is a careful and tender collection of songs that promise so much more from her continued career.


Fri 8          NorderstedtGermany                  Music Star

Sat 9         ElmshornGermany                      MS Klostersande

Sun 10      Hamburg                                   Cafe Chrysander

Tue 12       KarrebæksmindeDenmark         Smålandshavet 

Thu 14       VipitenoItaly                             Steindl’s Boutiquehotel

Sun 17      Verano BrianzaItaly                  La Biblioteca di Verano Brianza




Review by Joe Knipe

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