EP Review: Annie Keating – Ghost of the Untravelled Road

Ghost of the Untravelled Road is the latest EP release from Americana and bluegrass star Annie Keating in which she delves into the depths of bluegrass itself and produces a short and sweet compilation of songs that seem to pay homage to the Bob Dylan songs of old whilst also combining this with a unique and arguably more tender style of her own.

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Album Review: Duotone – A Life Reappearing

Duotone (the alias of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and live looper Barney Morse-Brown) releases his spellbinding new album A Life Reappearing on 4th May. Like an alchemist Duotone weaves a plethora of instruments of an epic orchestral power – including his pioneering and unconventional cello playing – with a masterful use of a looper for his gentle vocals, which wraps each song in a blanket of intimacy.

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Album Review: Funke and the Two Tone Baby – Denizen

Funke and the Two Tone Baby is the musical mind child of one Dan Turnbull, a man for whom the term ‘energetic’ would be a grave insult and a woeful misjustice. Turnbull has the kind of raw and violent energy that comes from the collision of tectonic plates and within his new album Denizen he tames this wild energy and whips it into a frenzied whirlpool of sound that has become his greatest work to date.

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