Album Review: You Are Wolf – Keld

You Are Wolf is the hauntingly mesmerising musical project of vocalist and composer Kerry Andrew, multi-instrumentalist Sam Hall and percussionist Peter Ashwell. This trio combine their unique and striking skillsets to create an ethereal and alternative take on traditional folk medleys. Their latest album Keld is a folklore inspired concept album related entirely to water. Songs of water sprites, banshees and raging rivers all come together to tell both original and traditional tales of the deep.

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Album Review: Torgeir Waldemar – Jamais Vu

Norwegian singer-songwriter Torgeir Waldemar describes him as a ‘black-clad, longhaired and bearded man with great songs’. It might be somewhat concise but it is most certainly apt. Having played in various bands and projects Waldemar originally took Norway by storm with the release of his debut solo album back in 2014. Since then his is a name that has been growing year on year across the globe and this year marks the release of his current mini-album Jamais Vu.

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Album Review: Louis Brennan – Dead Capital

Louis Brennan might be one of the most interesting performers in folk today. Born in Dublin, living in London and recording in Berlin he is the archetype of the troubadour of old; a globetrotting musician with a voice that can cut to the bone and an almost painful and brutal honesty. His new release Dead Capital is an extraordinary album that ekes the darkness out from your heart. Read our review here.

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